February 01, 2013

Let's Make This No Big Deal, Okay?

One of the more annoying complaints I hear from the social conservatives regarding Pride Day is that old chestnut "I don't mind gay people, really!  But do they have to make such a big deal about it?"  The answer is, of course, that yes they do.  Why?  Because they were visibly persecuted for a century.  That takes a lot to come back from.

That being said...

How about treating sexuality, and sex for that matter, as a regular part of life?  Clearly, that's what the social conservatives are insisting upon; so anything done to make it a part of everyday life should, in theory, meet their approval.  Right?  And what could be a bigger part of everyday Canadian life than hockey?

Meet Cory Oskam, who got to meet his hero, Vancouver Canuck Cory Schneider, on the ice at GM Place.

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