January 03, 2013

You're Too Sexy For This Job

There's a lot of things the stupider portion of the world insists on saying that simply leave me perplexed.  Things like "More guns for more people is the same as making safer people" or "Businesses should run the government because they both make money" or "Science is a belief system".  You know, really stupid stuff.

But one that not only confuses me but I've never even heard anyone try explaining is this one: "Atheists are working to create Sharia law!"

To be clear: the people who have said this would have to believe that people who hate the idea of religion taking precedence in legal decisions are demanding a religion have precedence in legal decisions.  It's not even a case of saying that "one plus one does not equal two"; it's saying "two does not equal two".

Add to this the realization that Sharia laws have little to do with the Koran: many of the terms were interpreted well after the book's publication, at a time when a rigid totalitarianism swept through much of the Islamic world: this is the stuff brought up as the boogyman of folks who want you to think of Islam as a faith of thugs (despite that being an Indian word - etymology joke!).  Basically, a bunch of total dicks established a strict, unbending law when they were feeling insecure about their power, despite having metric fucktons of it.  Imagine if laws established by Catholics at the height of the Spanish Inquisition were the ones Christians were insisting be adopted into the American legal system.

Individual rights, especially the rights of women, have had a difficult time in places where strict Sharia laws became the rule rather than the guide of a changing world.  Take, for instance, the wearing of the hijab: women must wear the full-body covering so as to not inflame the passions of men with their irresistible sexiness.  Kinda silly, and definitely something that makes it much easier to stop thinking of women as actually human and more as possessions to jealously guard from anything that might like them.  Flat out ignorant, right?

Well, apparently in Iowa this is a problem.  No, seriously.

For some reason, it hasn't occurred to anyone that being "too attractive" shouldn't really be the problem of the women.  However, after consulting with his pastor, dentist James Knight decided he wouldn't be able to control himself around his "stellar" employee of ten years, Melissa Nelson.  So, naturally, he fired her; a decision that was upheld by Iowa's Supreme Court on December 21st as being perfectly reasonable.

Does it need to be said Knight only decided to fire the married Ms. Nelson after getting caught sending text messages to her by his wife?  Didn't think so.

(Apologies for Right Said Fred earworm, those of us in a certain age group!)

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