February 03, 2016

Secret Rape Legalization Meetings Aren't Real

First: publicly announced secret meetings aren't a thing.  That's kind of the point of secret meetings - especially ones with code words that are also publicly announced.  Just so we have that clear.

So if somebody is announcing secret meetings around the world for proponents of legalizing rape (with only "real hetrosexual men allowed") it's not actually what he wants.

So what would someone who does that want?  I'm sure you've already guessed: publicity.

What "Roosh V" wants is a lot of very angry people to appear, looking to kick _someone's_ ass, and then have video of it show up on the nightly news. Oh, you don't think an industry that thrives on conflict and easy outrage WON'T be there to record it..?  Allow me to introduce you to Sniffy the Rat.

Look: this idiot is a colostomy bag filled with hot air and misogyny, who has found enough fans online to make money off it.  What would be his most favourite thing ever would be a bunch of self-styled vigilantes looking to beat people up on random street corners.  That not only gets him attention (and earns him money), but lets him do two other things:

1) proclaim that he's the actual victim; and
2) tell people that the people who oppose him are the REAL violent psychopaths.

Easy outrage is something to be very wary of.  If you find your buttons are being pushed, think of who's pushing them.  If you find yourself getting angry about him, or people like him, We Hunted the Mammoth is an excellent place to turn that anger into laughter.

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