January 23, 2005

Politics: It's All About Sex

Been waiting for this:

Deputy Conservative Leater (read: 2nd in command of the Conservatives) Peter MacKay has been telling people that Conservative Leader Stephen Harper did NOT say that if gay marriage was allowed, polygamy would be next. Really, he didn't: it's all the fault of the Liberal government, who were investigating a region in British Columbia where polygamy was being practiced. Never mind that most people had never heard of this investigation until Mr. Harper mentioned it in a press scrum. I believes ya, Pete.

By the way: last election, Stepher Harper looked horrible. I know, I know; I'm supposed to consider issues only, but the guy looked like he was made of plastic, and that was in commercials shot by (supposed) professionals. Not much has changed.

Anyhow, there was a young woman appearing on Sunday Morning on the CBC saying well, hey, since polygamy is practiced in many parts of the world, why not here?

Now, to my mind, the only important thing in human relationships is consent, and that's where a lot of governmentally sanctioned polygamy fails. Instead of a mutually cooperative relationship, we end up with child brides, forced marriages and women who are treated like chattel. Not good. Here's where we went down the rabbit hole: when interviewer Carole MacNiel asked about keeping another husband, the woman replied, "No, I don't think that's right."


I do wish I had the womans name, but the transcript isn't up yet; she went on to explain that it's normal and natural for men to stray, because a woman cannot satisfy a man. On the other hand, if a woman should find herself unsatisfied, she should divorce her husband and look for a man who can satisfy her and marry him. Then she said that if we allow one group to marry (gays), we can't forbid another to do so (polygamists). Oh, and God said it was okay, referring to the bible and Koran.

Um. Actually, darlin', what you're talking about is guys tossing off a quick one before coming home to dinner. And if you don't think women do that too, you're sadly mistaken. People, if you're gonna cheat, could you at least use preventatives? Sheesh! The funniest thing here, is that she's trying to use science to justify infidelity, then religon to explain why it should only apply to half the population (men), with it being illegal for the other half (others).

Frankly, I wouldn't mind having a few more people around the house: cuts down on bills, for one thing. Have someone new to argue with about doing the dishes. I'd also give the wife a chance to go shopping with someone who actually wants to go.

The problem? I can't imagine anyone who could tolerate us that long.


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