January 29, 2005

Politics: That's Three

Okay, first it was pundit Armstrong Williams getting $240,000 to promote "No Child Left (Behind); then Maggie Gallagher getting $21,500 for pimping the marriage initiave (talk about women not getting paid the same as men, eh?); now we have a THIRD inductee into this editorial hall of shame, Michael McManus. He has a column that appears in 50 newspapers titled, get this, "Ethics and Religon".

As if the two were compatible.

He'd been given $10,000 to promote the white house's marriage initiatives. Three major incidences of payola revealed inside a month. If there is anyone left who still believes they somehow Republicans are morally superior to Democrats in any way, shape or form, then they're living in a freakin' bubble, and the only channel is FOX. Well, it's better than having sex, right?

Here's the bitter truth of it: the only reason why I'm doing a blog is because I hope that someday, somehow, the bribes from the left side of the political spectrum will go the dame way their donations have come: from individuals, to individuals. Well, somewhat, anyways. I do know others will be in line way, way before little old me (Ayn Clouter or Betty Bowers for instance), and if there were only big payoffs made I'd get exactly bupkus. So I'm hoping for lesser amounts, but more of them.

Trickle down, my ass. I like my bribes direct and to the point. Although Michelle Malkin's column seems to make the point that you really shouldn't get caught, rather than taking the money itself. There are days that I do wish I could think way off to the right: life would be lacking in any kind of moral dilemna, and I'd be a bunch richer.


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