January 27, 2005

Other: Vandals

How stupid is this:

Two paintings by Alex Colville, Woman with revolver and Surveyor were slashed by an unknown assailant in Saskachewan earlier this month. Now, why would someone, anyone, take offence at these works? Now, granted that while Woman does use a naked woman as its focus, the image could hardly be seen as erotic.

Or at least if you do consider it erotic, Playboy will make your head explode. Maybe John Ashcroft was in town. We all know how he feels about what makes art better: an $8,000 blue drape to cover anything that might be a breast. Entirely appropriate that in covering the breast of a statue representing Justice, he ended up obscuring Justice completely...

Anyhow: what exactly was the vandal thinking? He's got a hate on for fantasy realism? I'll try not to let them know we own a work by Toby Nilsson, then! Seriously, what can you accomplish by trying to cut up a painting? If it's big enough to cause any kind of a scandal, then the gallary will repair it; and if it's too small to be worth repair, nobody will care other than the artist and a few supporters who know the artist exists. And what's the point of that? Want to make a splash? Try having the art banned, that always works!


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