May 14, 2005

Science: I Can See Through Concrete!

...And you can, too. This is about 50cm (about 19.5 inches) worth.

Invented in Hungary in 2001, and man do I want a wall of this in my house!


posted by Thursday at 7:38 pm


Blogger Gazetteer said...

Very, very impressive--

I'm a dabbler in the weirdly anti-empirical process of tissue engineering and that reminds me of collagenous sponge scaffolding.

It's all in the scaleform I guess.

12:00 am  
Blogger Thursday said...

I could see this all over the South side of my house. Talk about brightening up your room, eh?

12:21 am  
Anonymous andreas bittis said...

you may also have a look at to see a new type of translucentconcrete ...

4:23 am  

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