April 29, 2005

Sex: Taking Proper Precautions

Now, we all know (I hope) how effective abstinence-only sex education is. It continues to be funded by the Republicans because that's what their religious arm wants, and that's who's in control of the party right now. (If you know a teen or pre-teen, here's some actual sex and sexuality information they won't mind reading.)

Education, precaution, and the confidence that comes from knowing what's going on with your body are simply safer and more effective methods of preventing any, ah, unpleasant surprises.

You would think that an orginization that calls itself "Abstinence Only" and is funded to the tune of $400 million would know better, but if you are unaware of the risks, how can you protect yourself from, ah, unpleasant surprises?

Like not registering the web domains: Abstinenceonly.com and Abtinenceonly.org. And now, since they didn't have a proper education, they are indeed well and truly fucked.

I'd like to thank the one and only Mistress Matisse for finding this little gem.


posted by Thursday at 3:17 pm


Blogger Gazetteer said...


Think you will enjoy Heather Mallick's Globe column today.

It will show up on the rabble columnists page tomorrow.

6:58 pm  
Blogger Thursday said...

You're right - I do like it. Gave me a flashback to when I bought condoms from a pharmacist who knew I was in the same grade as his daughter.

I had to go off-island after that.

9:31 am  

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