April 17, 2005

Motorcycles: Closer and Closer

One of the horde of RD350LCs that we're rebuilding is finally ready - almost. After much futzing with the carbs, new needles and seats, cutting open exhausts to get the baffles out, a massive amout of cleaning and a whole lot of cursing all previous owners of said machines, one (mine) is up and running.

Since Clover is still on the road (despite a drop this winter) I can wait a little while before Artie comes along. My brother happens to be a welder, so we got to talking; here's a partial list:

Cats Eye headlight;
Mini clocks (about 3 inches across);
Streamlined signals;
Bar-end mirrors;
Bronze chain mail over black tank w/silver gas cap;
Silver and bronze mesh side panels;
Bronze mail over black fenders;
Steel fright mask over the big-ass rear brake light.

I have no idea if any of this will work, but what the hell. I can always swap the old bits back in if things go horribly wrong.

This should be fun, in that do-it-yourself, bloody knuckles sort of way.


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