April 28, 2005

Sex: Projecting Your Voice

Sunday was a bit of a "high and low" day. With the highs was being woken up by my wife using fellatio. Great way to start the day, that. Also getting the bike we've been working on for the past few months ready to ride - and riding it.

On the down side was having the engine of said bike seize up on me while riding down the highway. That sucked, and in ALL the wrong ways.

Ah, but then I came home to a special news flash, and my day was suddenly better again. It seems that Rush Limbaugh, upon hearing that Al Gores new radio network / podcasting organization / cable station / whatever it is was intended to "reflect the point of view of young people". Now, I expect a rant about this; personally, I'm always a little leery whenever anyone over the age of 25 starts talking about the "youth of today" as if it were a homogenous mass. Plus, of course, Rusty a long time opponent of Democrats, so he's going to rave. All quite standard.

But I did not expect this:

"Blow jobs, that's what they're doing out there. They're out there getting oral sex all day long..."

So Rusty is an opponent of Democrats and logic, too... Because not only was Gore creating "the BJ network", but also (you knew this was coming) it's all Bill Clintons fault! Let's see if we can follow the logic, here. Oh, c'mon. It'll be fun!

Blow jobs (nee Oral Sex, nee Fellatio) were apparently completely unheard of in schools right up until Clinton got himself a hummer while in office. After that single event (and the $80 million investigation it launched - don't try to tell me it was about some pissy little land deal - and the media circus to follow), oral sex then became the activity of choice among students. Which, for some reason, Limbaugh thinks is bad.

One is led to the conclusion that he feels, somehow, I don't know... frustrated about something, perhaps? I can't imagine what that might be, though.


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