April 22, 2005

Other: Huzzah! A Credit Card!

Piss me off.

My local credit union has just been absorbed into a larger one. No skin off my nose, except that we left the bigger credit union once already, so we're going to have to leave it again. Here's why:

We have a debit credit card. What this is is a credit card (Master Card in this case) that takes money from your account. This is the perfect card for us, as we buy lots of stuff on-line, make reservations over the phone, and buy things in person. Perfect.

But now, the larger credit union does not "have a contract with Master Card" to carry debit cards any more, so they suggest I get a Platinum Plus Master Card credit card. Now, I've been sporadically employed over the past year and a half, and am currently working a grand total of two days a week. Can anyone tell me how the hell I'm qualified for a Platinum Plus Master Card?

The answer, apparently, is that the precious metal the card is named for has nothing to do with spending limits or rarity, unlike the metal itself. I can set my own limit to pretty much whatever I want to apply for.

The "best" part is that I am no longer restricted to the money I have in my account! I can spend everything they want to give me, and they'll be happy to fork it over. Until the end of the month, of course, but until then, don't worry about it. In fact, the bank - er, credit union I'm with no longer is involved with my debt at all. I'll get billed by Master Card, for Master Card.

I just got a phone call from the Credit Union (yes, literally as I was writing this post) telling me that they are trying to create a system that works like a debit card on-line, so I can still make purchases without going into debt. It should be up and running in June, so I may give them until then, see if it works.

I fucking hate credit cards.


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