June 10, 2005

Politics: Playing Catch-Up

Someone who knows me in the Real World(tm) has asked where all my political posts have gone. It's true that things have been rather... active of late, what with the Provincial election, the Federal Survivor Series (featuring BELINDA!) , Gay Marriage (yet again) and religious nutbags on both sides of the border. So where the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks have I been?

Short answer: it's Spring.

I'm allergic to my cat, my dog, other peoples cats and dogs, being indoors, being outdoors (and both - sudden temperature change makes me sneeze). I even become photosensetive in Spring, meaning in morning sun my eyes and nose run at about the same pace.

Fucking Spring.

What it boils down to is that my brain turns to cabbage for several hours every day, ever since high school. If I'm going to be writing something down and posting it for the permanent record, I should at least make a pretense of skill and accuracy.

So I've tried to avoid playing with concrete stuff until my synapses start firing in the right order again. I'm going to do a little reading and see what catches my eye from the past month or so.

Did I miss anything?


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