June 03, 2005

Religion: TV, Religion, Me - A Perfect Match!

So Vision TV is doing a reality show called Seekers, sending a few people to "spirtiual hotspots" around North America to enable them to find more meaning in their lives. I decided to enter, confessing up fron my Athiesm - which, thinking about it, is more opposition to theisms (religions) than to denial of any god or gods.

Previous posts notwithstanding.

Into things I'm far more likely to do, I just recieved an email from the good folks at the 3-day Novel contest. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like - you write a novel in three days - and it is completely mind blowing. I reccommend this to anyone who doesn't like actual contact with people over the Labour Day Weekend (Sept. 3 - 5). This will be my fourth entry, and no, none of them won; but all of them have been a blast. Last year, I tried using an old laptop, and in an effort to save the first 24 hours on my normal computer, it got lost in transfer. It went from being a 72-hour contest to 48.

A slightly stressful time.

I do tend to break to watch some CFL, and I notice the Magical Flying Gliebermans are back in the league - in Ottawa, no less. This is the same city they they gave up on after two years with the last Canadian CFL team they owned (they owned Shreveport when the CFL tried the bizarre Southern Expansion a decade back). Whatever happened to my favorite slogan of theirs? "Our Balls Are Bigger" was fantastic. Alas, the CFL now uses the same ball the NFL does, as part of the agreement between the two leagues (the NFL can scoop players more easily now). Warren Moon didn't seem to mind; likewise Jeff Garcia or Doug Flutie. Well, marketing has never been the CFL strongest suit...

Well, that was a random post. One topic next time.


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Anonymous Tommy Steele said...

To be able to put Doug Flutie, smaller balls, and Vision TV in the same post is actually quite impressive.

6:39 pm  

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