July 02, 2005

Other: Things I Did On Canada Day

1) Had a rye and ginger.
2) And beer.
3) Read a Fox news anchors critique of America-bashing that Canadians love as a third national sport. Watching him try to put together a cogent arguement was like watching a monkey try to golf: maybe funny at first, but after a while you just feel sorry for the poor creature.
4) Tried to figure out how the hell Ottawa beat Montreal.
5) And (most fun of all) compared the most recent activities of the Canadian and American governments:

North: Legalization of gay marriage.
South: An Anti-Flag Burning Amendment.


Now, both of these proposals have to go through each countrys respective senates, though the American proposal must be ratified by 38 of the 50 states in seven years (which is where the Equal Rights Amendment fell down), so they might not yet pass.

But they'll pass.

What's more interesting is what is said about the direction each country seems to be moving in. Gay marriage is seen by its supporters as an enshrinement of equal rights, and an increase of personal freedoms, while opponents hold that it means an acceptance of what is at worst a criminal act, and at best an unspeakable perversion. That dooms Canada (yes, they're serious). Banning flag burning (more specifically, "physical desecration of the flag") is seen by proponents as forbidding an injustice and an insult to their nation; detractors say it is an assault on free speech that limits individual freedoms.

And does this mean an end to red-white-and-blue thongs? Or is it not desecration if the models are really, really hot?

Odd little side note: I laughed at a shirt from T-Shirt Hell that reads: "I only support gay marriage if both chicks are hot". Then I found out that 26 countries have anti-homosexuality laws for men only. Dykes, apparently, are cool.

Looks like I'll be staying within sight of water if I ever go South again. Except for the quick hops to Vegas, of course.


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Blogger pretty shaved ape said...

glad to see that someone else noticed the pouting snit about canadians bashing poor little america. i tood a swing at that article on my blog. cheers

12:15 pm  

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