June 11, 2005

Politics: Can You Be Arrested For Floorwalking?

Q: Why did Belinda cross the floor?
A: To serve hot dogs, apparently.

Of course, cutting out on $379,000 worth of debt one day before it was due plus a highly visible cabinet post is always nice, too. The NDP support just wasn't quite enough, though that cost Martin a pretty penny - but only if there is a surplus +$2 billion debt payment.

When I first heard this, I thought it was a bit of folly: there's no way she was getting a piece of power from the Liberals as a new arrival. The waiting list to the top spot is too long, and you've got to go through the Finance Ministry to get there...


That's when second thoughts kicked in. Human Resources is, as I said, a very visible position, which is why Martin gave her the post - she is one of the most recognisable poeple in Canadian politics right now, and she's bringing a lot of women voters with her, hitting the Conservatives in what has always been a sore point for them. (It's the same reason Grewal was approached, though obviously a different minority was in mind - the frantic foot-shooting is just a nice bonus.)

In any case, Finance isn't really a stretch for Stronach given her background. She's still new to the Liberals, so she is going to have to wait a while before angling upwards, though she may well run for leadership to maintain her visibility in the next few campaigns. As long as she doesn't do too well there, the machine that churns through the Liberal Party won't catch her in its gears.

But let there be no coubt: if she doesn't have sixteen or twenty years of patience stored up for the wait and makes a serious push for the PM post early, she's going to get eaten alive, nibbled to death by ducks in the back halls of Ottawa. It won't be a public execution (like being named Fisheries Minister) because of her fathers connections to the party, but it will happen.


posted by Thursday at 7:29 pm


Anonymous Tommy Steele said...

Put me on the record. She will not last, way too power hungry.

7:56 am  
Blogger Thursday said...

We'll see how good her advisors are over the next few years.

She still might try for a leadership campaign sooner, but she might just do that to keep her face in the news.

We'll talk again in four years or so.

4:05 pm  

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