June 11, 2005

Politics: Safe Streets and Expensive Lawsuits

So the worm is turning in the Big Apple:

Thirteen years ago, the loitering law in New York was struck down by federal courts. The loitering law from 1788 targeted any person who

"... loiters, remains or wanders about in a public place for the purpose of begging."

The city police have been ignoring this ruling since it was declared, and now 140 poeple had been charged with loitering are taking the city to court. The lawyer leading this suit is the same guy who forced the city to pay restitution for some 70,000 strip searches police conducted over two years for minor offences.

Which brings us to the latest Liberal in BC, Lorne Mayencourt. After two reverses, he's been declared the winner of the Vancouver-Burrard riding. He's the putz who put through the Safe Streets Act - you know, the one that rescues normal people from those "others" that we don't like to mention.

He's been complaining that the gays in the community have abandoned him. He doesn't bother considering why they may have done so, just that they have. I've got news for you, mate: gays are like real people. Sometimes they don't vote for someone just because he's gay, too; they vote for them because of what he can do for their neighbourbood, or because of their party leader, or because they flipped a coin. There has been a single major piece of legeslation sponsored by you that everyone knows, and your party leader has a bit of a popularity problem among the poor (who make up about half your constituents in your schizophrenic riding). Think those may have had somethin to do with nearly losing your seat, bub?


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