February 22, 2006

Sex: Thanks For the Invite, Steve!

First off, I'd like to thank Stephen Harper for promising to have a free vote on the issue of gay marriage.

No, reeeeeeeealy.

Without it, I wouldn't have received a lovely invite to the wedding of two dear friends. You see, they were planning on holding off until the parents of one of them had died; the parents disapproved of their daughter being gay, but loved her partner, so they kept themselves happily deluded that she was just a friend - who travelled everywhere their daughter did and just happened to live with their daughter in a one-bedroom home.

But since the Cons have achieved power, there's a number of folks who have stepped up their dates a bit, since PM Harper has also promised that anyone who was married before the vote could stay married no matter how the vote turned out. Figure that would last, what, a week?

So anyhow, thanks where it's due!
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