February 20, 2006

Other: This Helps How?

So Radio Shack CEO Dave Edmondson has resigned from his post after it was revealed that he had lied on his resume, claiming to have degrees in Theology and Psychology; he has also been charged with a DUI for the third time. He had been the company's Chief Operating Officer until last year when he was promoted. The company has also told it's stockholders that it may close up to 700 stores to force a turnaround after fourth quarter profits dropped by over 60%.

This brings up three thoughts:

1) It obviously wasn't about the DUIs: they don't have any real effect on someone doing their job... we in British Columbia hope;

2) Making a profit isn't enough - the profit has to be BIG;

3) Who the hell thought that degrees in Psychology and Theology would help someone be the CEO of a major electronics retailer?

Answer the third question, and you may have solved the question of declining productivity in the United States.


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