February 17, 2006

Politics: Stop Immigrants Form Getting Menial Jobs!

Thank God SOMEbody is paying attention!

Yes, the FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force has stopped a truck driving school from teaching students at least temporarily because there was concern over testers helping people get licences they are unqualified for.

This is a good thing, and that's why there are tests, right? I certainly don't want unqualified drivers hauling anything that needs a semi through my neighbourhood! But what the story needs, really needs to give it more zip, zing, POW! is a heaping dollop of fear:

"Even worse, drivers who aren't citizens and haven't been passed a terror threat assessment could be hauling thousands of gallons of hazardous materials."

Ah, there we go! That will sell the story to the rubes. So long as they don't consider that immigrants, especially ones that can't instantly fit in, often find menial jobs first in a new country. Others of the same former nationality or ethnic group tend to follow where they see a familiar face.

Of course, if someone does pick up on that, then they could still panic if they're stupid enough, and that will just sell the story even more! Woo! Heck, why not? After all, if the normal folks are panicked enough, then you can arrest dark, foreign-type people and send them away to be tortured for over a year because they've met someone whose family immigrated at the same time as they did! They even came from the same place!

And if that doesn't look like terrorism to you, well, maybe you're just not trying hard enough.

Not that all the darkies are bad, of course. The really, really rich ones with political ties to the Bush family are perfectly all right and can be completely trusted with US national security.

No, really.


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