March 23, 2006

Other: How Old is This Book?

I just found a work of science fiction that caught my eye. Not because of the sherman tank with a Star of David on it that shares the cover with several feather-bedecked Indians on horseback, and not because of the title: "The Texas-Israeli War: 1999". No, it was the blurb on the back that really got me...

On August 12, 1992, England's tiny nuclear arsenal fell on Ireland, on South Africa, and finally on China. Instantly, the planet went up in flames. In the first half year of what was to be called the War of '92, half of the Earth's population perished. The United States was reduced to a vast underpeopled land - and, to make matters worse, Texas had seceded and taken her precious oil reserves. But Israel, virtually untouched in a world ravaged by war, was painfully overpopulated.

Hokay, can anyone in the class tell me when this was printed, and just what the authors were smoking at the time? England dropping nukes on Ireland, China and South Africa? Israel untoushed by war? What the...?

In more rational news, I am completely smitten with the magazine mental_floss. Subscribe if you can, buy it if you must. But only if you're ot embarassed by knowing shit.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let us know if they reveal that alien space bats were involved in starting this timeline ...

8:14 am  
Blogger Thursday said...

I'm expecting the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 folks to get back together to make the movie any day now...

1:05 am  

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