March 30, 2006

Science: Circle the Skeptics!

I'm in this edition (the 31st) of the Skeptic's Circle again, this time hosted at Terra Sigillata. Lots of good reading there, and it's all work safe, unless you happen to work in a New Age bookstore or some such rot. I'll even forgive him for getting my sex wrong - just don't tell my Significant Other.


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Blogger Abel PharmBoy said...

I hereby apologise profusely for the gender-bender. If it's any consolation, I made the error twice in this issue. Frankly, I hadn't read enough of your blog to be able to tell, although a simple idiot could check your profile and see "male" listed. My heartiest apologies to you and your S.O. - the sex restoration surgery on my blog should be complete by the time you wake up on the West Coast.

5:06 am  

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