February 18, 2007

Evangelicals Are On The March!

Several years ago, science fiction writer Cyril M. Kornbluth wrote a story about a real estate agent from 1988 who was suddenly placed in suspended animation and revived in the year 7-B-936. The world he wakes to is run by 3 million "elites", who are for the most part normal, but talented, people. The problem?

The other five billion.

The "elites" were those folks smart enough (and wealthy enough) to limit their own population. Unfortunately, the folks who didn't limit their population growth were those of... limited mental capacity. Stupid people hook up with other stupid people ("Condoms? Condoms are icky!") and end up populating the world.

In any case, what brings this particular story to memory are the protests happening in Kenya, led by Bishop Boniface Adoyo:

"He's calling on his flock to boycott the exhibition and has demanded the museum relegate the fossil collection to a back room[...]"

The exhibition is, of course, Turkana Boy being put on display along with 160,000 other fossils this July which will present the single most complete view of the human evolutionary record ever in one place. Obviously, this doesn't do much for the Genesis version of mankind's creation, and that's brought out the evangelicals in force.

But Thursday (you may say), that was news days ago, and thousands of kilometers away! Why should this interest you now?

Because of something else that happened days ago, somewhat closer to home: the revelation that evolution is all part of a Kabbalah Plot, and as such should be banned from schools on religious grounds.

This is supported by the diligent researchers at Fixed Earth, and revealed to the members of the U.S. House of Representatives by Texas State Representative Warren Chisum.

Bearing in mind said diligent researchers insist that the conspiracy of evolution (Darwin's, of course - 1859) was started by Copernicus' (died in 1543) declaration that the Earth revolved around the sun (Aristarchus be damned), and you'll get some appreciation of their hard work!

I do believe we've found a whole new Time Cube, folks! Our thanks to the good people at Fixed Earth, and to Representative Warren Chisum for showing us all what's important to him!

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