October 14, 2007

Stop it! It's Working!

So, just to get this straight...

A business owning, middle class family is involved in a horrible accident;
Two of their children are horribly injured;
Recovery would normally cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills;
They had government insurance, so they didn't lose their vehicles, their home, or their business;

And this is a problem?

How on earth can people be howling mad at someone because their lives were only made more difficult, rather than utterly ruined, by an accident?

It sounds to me like the government run insurance plan did exactly what is was supposed to do. The family is still productive, tax paying citizens; the kids are attending school; the business is still operational... Again, where's the issue?

If the "issue" is that someone used an injured 12-year old boy to make a political point about medical being made to injured children, well... Maybe it's just me, but isn't that the point of the program?

A side issue could be the Ken Mehlman Memorial Fax Machines are running fine, just from a new office: seriously, a senator issuing releases to blogs? Are you kidding me?


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