December 24, 2007

Good (Un)Intentions

I've already mentioned how the invasion of Iraq has helped Venezuela more than any other nation. It's made a hero of Hugo Chavez, even as he gains the enmity of the United States and Spain. Gosh, I just can't imagine why a man who is half Native and half Black and who lives in South America would feel that way...


It's also allowing him to get other Central and South American nations out from the odious clutches of the International Monetary Fund and the horribly corrupted World Bank.

America hasn't yet recognized it, or at least not publicly, but they are going to have to decide how many fronts they want to fight on. They have used military might for financial reasons before, and both the World Bank and IMF are furious at Venezuela buying off the debts of other nations and escaping the usurious rates and crippling economic policies forced on them.

The upper echelons of power in the white house (I'll capitalize that when someone worthwhile in in there) and on Downing Street are staunch supporters of both institutions - many members of those upper classes directly profit from their actions - but is there any reason why the general populations of either the United States or the United Kingdom should be?


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