December 18, 2007

All Inclusive Holistic Racism

This is arguably the clearest example of a "miracle cure" producer specifically targeting the ignorant, the poor, and the desperate.

What we have here is the brilliant theory that inaudible humming (or something like it) can cure guinea worm infection; but only in Africa, apparently. Likewise tuberculosis, snake bite, tapeworm, AIDS and malaria.

If you live in "the West", the only cures they have for you are for flu, bird flu, the common cold, and "injury", which strikes me as a fairly wide-open description. But the parasitic cures being promoted for Africa are ONLY for Africa: they are simply beyond your reach, apparently.

In the West's favour, however, is that Africans aren't allowed to receive the "injury" download, even though you'd think there would be quite a market for it...

However, why shouldn't the AIDS cure be available to the West? You want money, the West has it! There's a lot of cash out there for all sorts of cures; far more than in Africa. If only the poor are to have one cure and the rich another in some deranged variant of altruism, does that mean there are no poor in the West?

It's almost as if the only downloads they want the far more skeptical West to try using are the self-diagnosed, the vague (injury), the self-curing (cold, flu), or the absent (bird flu). And there are NO free downloads for anywhere in Asia at all! Gosh, why should that be?

How about because any so-called cure for parasitic infection is easily diagnosed in the West, while similar access to diagnostic equipment is far more difficult in poorer nations; add to that the built-in excuse that someone who is crushingly poor is not likely to be mobile. This means that the same someone who was infected once is likely to be exposed to the same infection, which the purveyors could claim happened after they had been cured.

But wait! That's only the free downloads that are limited in scope! If you want to pay for it, the magic of inaudible humming (or something like it) can cure damn near anything - though "epidemic and serious disease downloads are limited to professional homeopaths only", which surely brings a sigh of relief that they can't possibly be misused!

So if you're looking for something to clear up those nasal polyps, genital herpes, human papilloma virus, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, poverty consciousness, ulcerative colitis, leprosy, any septic wound, religious fanaticism, syphilis, mobile phone toxicity, fear in the womb trauma, or epilepsy, then this just might be the thing for you!

You can even cure your kids of rubella or scarlet fever!

But don't worry about its legitimacy, as "there is a line of continuity back a billion years"; just please don't ask what the Sam Hill that is supposed to mean. And they do have listed on their web site this almost-disclaimer:

"If listening once daily for a week, or often in an infectious illness, has no affect on a chronic problem or disease then it maybe there is a more pressing problem, it’s a wrong understanding of the problem, wrong diagnosis, etc and stop."

After all, since you diagnosed your illness yourself before downloading the audio cure, it must be your screw-up if the cure doesn't work!

And if that doesn't tell you all you need to know about the care these folks have for you and your illness, then perhaps you need to listen more.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Religious fanaticism, huh? I'm anticipating a mass inaudible-humming event at the next march on the White House. A stupid cure for a stupid disease... works for me.

6:17 am  

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