December 16, 2007

Let It Rest, Already!

I was watching Sunday Report today at work (I won't tell if you won't), and there was a light-hearted report on the changing attitudes of men and women in a changing society etc. - pretty standard stuff, and nothing you haven't heard before.

There is one note I do wish people would give up as a rather stupid argument, this time from Susan Bordo, author of The Male Body :

"Phallus is an idea about male power, that is associated with the penis in a particular mode. They're cars with enormous long prows; they're rocket ships; they're all of those products of the masculine mind that are... suggest a penis that is never soft, that's always ready to perform, that's always hard."

And as per usual, you have a series of images playing of the CN Tower, and a rocket launch, and cars.

The problem I have in accepting this, ah, andropomorphic obsession is that there really are very few shapes that are otherwise appropriate for these items!


What other possible shape could be used for high density living? Which reminds me: if the CN Tower is a penis, what is the gently rounded sports stadium beside it represent...? And shouldn't there be two of them?

Cars, rocket ships and other aircraft (and pretty much everything else that moves)?

The most efficient shape for something to get through atmosphere is oblong. Really! A flying breast just isn't very aerodynamic, I'm afraid.

So could people just give it up on making everything built by humans into penises? Even cars have given up on bragging about the length of their vehicles; though do seem fatter now... "stockier", almost. Thicker, I suppose is the best word to describe them. Especially SUVs.

Can't see what soccer moms like about them, really.

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