July 06, 2008

Must Be Cultural...

I'm trying to picture a visit from the Prime Minister of England to little old Victoria, a city close by that has been accused (sometimes affectionately) as being "more English than England". Tea at the Empress, for instance, is massively overpriced and an essential experience, preferably once.

And now I'm trying to picture said Prime Minister loudly proclaiming his joy at Captain Vancouver establishing England in North America; and how England had grown larger as a result of his expeditions; and how there is an English spirit in British Columbia.

And I would have joined the chorus as he was laughed out of town.

Because if you'll excuse me, England is a part of our history. You know, our past. Thanks for the contribution of your legal system and all, but we can take it from here. And we have. Don't get me wrong - Britian is a fascinating place, and London is a world class city for excellent reasons - but at this point, we've got our own thing going along quite happily.

So why is it when Quebecers hear that same speech from the Prime Minister of France, it merits polite applause rather than open derision? Perhaps they are becoming too English and are simply being polite about it.

Well, to each their own.


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