October 05, 2008

An American Clunker

So the conservative souls in Hollywood decided to strike back against the overwhelming Liberal Elite Media by releasing a movie of their own, called "An American Carol". It features a Michael Moore replicant being visited by three ghosts (including Washington and Patton) trying to convince him to change his sinful, liberal ways. The result?

Swing, as they say, and a miss.

The weekend gross was just over $2300 per screen, as compared to nearly $7000 for Bill Mahr's Religulous, whose target audience would be unlikely to be flipping a coin over which flick to catch.

There are a couple warning signs that are standard for bad films, and this hit both:

1) the film was not pre-screened for critics. Predictably, the end result is something that is going to challenge Battlefield Earth on many reviewers' Barrel Scraper lists; and

2) the tagline tries to guilt the audience into seeing it. (See Also: the "Watch The Women or you're not a real woman!" campaign) One poster for An American Carol reads "Laugh like your country depends on it."

Ah, forced laughter. I haven't heard that since, well, the last time conservatives tried to be funny while staying conservative. Oh 1/2 News Hour, how we haven't missed you at all...

Still, all this could change - and probably will. My guess is that there is going to be a hard effort to get this movie off big screens and on to little ones as soon as possible (specifically before one month from now), where it will do far better.

Why do I think so? For the exact same reason why "Bestseller" lists have little daggers beside half the titles: mass purchases of 100 or more by a single anonymous individual.

This movie's going to create more landfill than E.T. game cartridges.


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