November 05, 2008

Sacrameto, We Have a Problem

So for the good news, there's going to be a whole new president of the United States in a few months, much to most of the world's relief. And that's "new" in a lot of ways: I expected the first non-white/non-male president would be Republican, and a conservative one to boot.


On the down side, California seems to have allowed this goofy-ass Proposition 8 to pass, effectively banning gay marriage in that state.

One problem: the State Attorney General says that those folks who already got married will be allowed to remain so.

Now, either:

A) Jerry Brown doesn't realize the sheer volume of lawsuits that allowing some exceptions to the law is going to create, in which case he's not qualified for the post; or
B) he knows perfectly well, and also knows that the courts are not going to allow that state of affairs to continue, using the upcoming decision as a leverage point for allowing gay marriage to be officially enshrined in California, possibly as a Governator going-away present.

I fear it's the former, but trust it's the latter. In the mean time, I'm not moving there any time soon, so my concern is more for the well being of others than it is for those I know and love.


Update: Ah, lovely! If you remember the hyperventilating that Obama is a "closet Muslim", and if he were ever elected sharia law would be declared and women would have to wear chadors and etc etc etc?

Think naming the son of a zionist militant as his chief-of-staff will curb that angle of attack at all? Or more is it more likely that Rahm Emanuel will be declared a "traitor to his blood" or some other idiotic thing? Because you know it's just a matter of time...

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