September 12, 2010

Humans, A Working Guide

Killing a bit of time while waiting for the Canucks vs. Edmonton Young Stars game to begin streaming, and an article by dating site OK Cupid caught my eye:

The REAL ‘Stuff White People Like’

What drew my attention was the sample size (526,000 people) and the fact that they're self-selecting. The words used in people's profiles were written because that is what they want others to see. If you're embarrassed about being the 2004 University Chess champion, you're not likely to mention it; or if you don't think other people like Creed, you're more likely to hide the fact that you do. On the other hand, if you think reading '100 Years of Solitude' is going to get you some action, it's in the profile whether you've read the thing or not!

The lists were divided by sex and by race (again, both self-selected), and there were some startling revelations in the choices made:

The top word/phrase for White people:

Men: Tom Clancy
Women: Red Sox

Revelation: Really? So the guys are 40+ with aviator's glasses and golden lab retrievers and the women are from Boston. And I've never heard of Jodi Picoult.

Top word/phrase for Black people:

Men: Soul Food

Revelation: While black men may like soul food, with black women it is possibly more important than their own blood. Both are also scared of God.

Top word/phrase for Latinos:

Men: Merengue
Women: Merengue

Revelation: Hispanics and dancing. Lots of it. The men mention three different dances in the first ten words; the women do the same, but also mention music, a musician, and 'I love dancing' made it to 11th place.

Top word/phrase for Asians:

Men: Taiwan
Women: Coz

Revelation: The men mention where they are from quite often, and emphasize that they are 'simple' guys. The women talk food far more, and emphasize that they are 'simple' girls. So, Asians like simplicity, and I have no clue what 'Coz' is.

Top word/phrase for East Indians:

Women: Bhangra

Revelation: Indian guys like their sport almost as much as black women like their soul food. Oh, and third for guys? 'A software engineer'. Indian Women go for the dancing first, but authour Jhumpa Lahiri second. Also high in their list? 'Interpreter' and 'my passport'. I'm guessing work's important to East Indians.

Top word/phrase for Middle Easterners:

Men: Arabic
Women: Different Cultures

Revelation: Huge difference here, as guys have 'Arab' or some variant listed four times in the top ten words, where women don't at all in the top 50.

Top word/phrase for Pacific Islanders:

Men: Hawaii
Women: Alicia Keys

Revelation: The guys are quick to mention 'ukulele' and 'Swingers', while the woman have 'kick boxing' and 'my girlfriends' in their top five. This tells me that the guys know to get their seduction game on, because Pacific Island women don't mess around!

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