October 07, 2010

A Reminder

The lovely folks at World-O-Crap do terrible things: they read horrible, horrible writing and gleefully tear it to shreds so you and I and other more delicate folk don't have to. Their latest piece is all about spit-roasting staggeringly idiotic "Dr." Mike Adams, who tried this tired chestnut of and inequality argument:

My speech will highlight several pending cases, which show that homosexuals are not the principal victims of civil rights violations in this country. Instead, they are the principal perpetrators of civil rights violations in this country – especially on our college campuses.

And don't that just warm the cockles of your heart? But don't be afraid - go look at the things they (and their commenters) can do to the stupid: they takes a load of hot air and turns it into a cool breeze!

There are reasons why gay boys and girls are far more likely to commit suicide that straight ones are: they feel alone. That there is no one else like them around, and certainly no one they can trust to talk to. Teenagers can be isolated and lonely without having the added pressure of being the target of the weak and small minded.

But now they don't have to.

One of the unpredicted effects of the internet is this: community. The exact opposite of the closeted stereotype, kids (and adults) on-line can find friends, share ideas, see that the world is not only bigger than they imagined, but that they can also touch any part of it! And one of those parts is the It Gets Better Project.

At the It Gets Better Project, gay people are encouraged to show gay kids that not only is what they are going through survivable, but they can thrive after it. Survive school, and school becomes a smaller and smaller part of your live until it is just a tiny, miserable little speck that can be blown away with the smallest breath from your future self.

So if you're gay - or heck, even if you're not - go ahead and submit a video. Give them a chance to see who is out there, hear how they got there, and just how much better life is now!

It serves as a reminder that whenever you hear someone say that high school was the "best years of their lives", they either have really bad memories or really pathetic lives now. Just ask Stephen Fry.


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