June 28, 2007

The Awful Truth

...No, not Michael Moore's television show of the same name. It's my raelization that the new job is making it harder to find time to play here. That it's been a week since I've posted is unfortunate, especially since there has been a whole lot going on and coming up to post about.

So I'm going to be limiting myself to once a week (I'm thinking... Wednesday) with the occasional exception to the rule.

So a short list of what's kicking around my Bookmarks to buy myself some time:

This'll take days to get through, if you're interested in technology, the enviroment, or just some very cool stuff. Like the Pope is.

It's articles like this that make me wonder who America's Cato will be - who is going to stand up and remind Ceasar that the nation's laws must be upheld by every man, even the most powerful, or the law has no meaning.

I found out a former neighbour of mine is driving a 1993 Geo Metro to Ullan Battar. Go ask him why.

Always remember that the (now former) head of the World Bank said that the Iraq War would pay for itself. He neglected to mention whom exactly it would pay.

A take on Net Neutrality I hadn't considered - the best part to me is the busting of an Astroturf group in the comments...

Another Glenn Greenwald article - just a little comparison he's making between the Left and the Right on the web. But it's okay: the Irrational Right (further over than the normal, day-to-day Right) will make up their own reality as they go. It's... interesting.

Why lobbyists are unhappy with the new U.S. Congress.

Proof that those who consider themselves poitically independant are just that much smarter than some we could name...? Wait for it - the kicker is at the end of the video.

The largest life form on the planet (it's not what you think).

I would like any three of these.

A long, and worthy, piece on just how much good can happen when the government bails out on providing their employers (you and me) with basic necessities - like infrastructure.

What happens when celebrities from two different cultures date - country music, and whale blubber, together at last!

And a parting shot at a(nother) stupid project...

That'll keep ya busy for a little while.


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