February 02, 2005

Politics: Isn't it Romantic?

Who says that Canadian politics is devoid of romance and intrigue?

Here's the set-up:

Peter MacKay is the Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party. That means he's the second-in-command.
Belinda Stronach is perhaps the third best-known Conservative Party member, after MacKay and..
Stephen Harper, who is the Leader of the Opposition, and top dog of the Conservatives.

When the Conservatives and the Alliance parties merged together (forming, for one brief, shining moment the Canadian Reform Alliance Party...) all three of these individuals ran for leadership of the party, with MacKay and Stronach coming from the Conservatives and Harper from the farther right Alliance. Mr. Harper, obviously, won.

Recently, he purchased advertisements opposing gay marriage in several newspapers that had minorities as their target audience. Both Stronach and MacKay have said thay had no idea that the ads were appearing, and both have also stated that it was not a tactic they would have used.

Ms. Stronach and Mr. MacKay are currently romantically involved, an apparently recent development. Conservatives and romance: who would have guessed?

There is going to be a showdown in the House of Commons about gay marriage, of all things. If the Conservatives do not have a good showing on this (they don't have to win, just show strong opposition), then there is some thought that it could cause a leadership crisis. Any bets on who would be in competition for that position? Even if MacKay (the more experienced of the two) were to challenge Harper and lose, in four to eight years Stronach could have enough influence to make a serious run at leadership of the party.

Lord and Lady MacBeth, anybody?


posted by Thursday at 7:00 pm


Blogger Kruppe said...

Yep, that party is no threat to Liberal domination as long as Harper is in charge. I was happy he won the electiton for party leader, it forced him to come out of the closet with regards to his far right idealism. That type of divisive crap works like a hot damn down south, but I think (and hope) that it will backfire big-time on the Cons.

Stronach and Mckay, huh, never heard that one before. Must've been in the Province!

5:09 pm  
Blogger Thursday said...

I resent the implication that I actually read the Province!

2:07 pm  

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