April 11, 2006

Politics: Are These People MAD?

Answer: probably.

The real question is: are these people mad enough?
Answer: possibly.

Any proposed direct military attack on Iran is utter insanity, and there are several reasons:

1) Iran is a tactical nightmare to move through;
2) the mountainous regions are heavily armed and armoured;
3) Iran uses Sunburst missiles on their coast which move at faster than Mach 2 and are designed to spoof the AEGIS defended warships in the US navy;
4) the Shi'ites around the world would go insane (that would include the majority population in Iraq);
5) Syria has signed a mutual defense pact with Iran, and actually has WMD capabilities, both chemical and biological;
6) China is getting an awful lot of oil from Iran right now.

Even whispers of using nuclear "bunker buster" missiles to attack underground weapons sites is folly, because much like the vaunted missile defense system, it won't work.

So: Are these people crazy enough to do this?

Heck, reality has never stopped them before!


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