November 14, 2008

On Acronyms and Being Helpful

Been looking around Kiva again and noticed a certain something: in theory, conservatives are the folks who believe the strongest that hand outs to poor people are a horrible idea, right? And that businesses are the foundation of a strong national economy, right? And that liberals are the ones who insist on government funding everything, right? And that President-Elect Obama is the most extreme leftist ever to exist in America, right?

So why is it that the top donor group to an organization that finances microloans to poor entrepreneurs is *gasp* Team Obama? They have loaned nearly $110,000 to people around the world as of today. They are followed closely by the Kiva Christians* group at $107,000; then a pack of atheists, agnostics and freethinkers at $103,000. The Conservatives for 2012 (hmm) are at $11,000 (not bad for a new group), more tha $3,000 ahead of the Beer Goggles Never lie...much group and $5,000 ahead of Goons Without Borders. They do drag behind the Flying Spaghetti Monster Religious Congregation by a couple of grand, though...

The individuals seem to be bringing game, even if their parties lag behind: Team Democrat has financed only $3,150 in loans, while the only Republican group I could find was Republicans help (sic), who have six members, and made two loans. Given minimum loans are a mere $25, it would be nice if... ah, never mind. Loan what you can, folks! The return rate is phenominal!

*Non-denominational. Not to be confused with RRCFs, or Religious Right Christian Fuckos. Those are the "people" who hate in the name of Jesus. see also: Propsition 8; Fred Phelps

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