November 02, 2010

Just Sayin'

With the November Elections up and underway down South, it's odd to know who to blame for the lack of results coming out of the Obama administration this year:

Is it:

A) Not doing anything;
B) Not telling people what was done;
or C) People ignoring accomplishments in favour of sound bites?

I'm going with C.

This was the busiest first two years of any President in decades; yet no one seems to know it. Truly bizarre especially when compared with the utterly inert G.W. Bush who needed planes to hit buildings before he got off his ass and did something: he spent a total of three months at his ranch in Texas "on vacation" in 2001 alone, though not a whole lot was done when he was "on the job" for that first year, either.

Good luck, and stay sane.


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