June 19, 2007


A good-news/bad-news sort of day today…

Good news: found work after being unemployed for a few weeks.

Bad news: it’s not playing with electricity, as I had hoped.

Good news: it’s at a u-brew place, and the Significant Other and I do a lot of that!

Bad news: holy crap, this looks complicated!

Good news: my sidecar is finally ready to be picked up. Thanks, R.E. Cycle of Chemainus!

Bad news: after seven months of waiting and four blown “ready by Friday” deadlines, the bill was $500 higher than the estimate given three weeks ago. Thanks, RE Cycle of Chemainus!

Good news: we had the money to pay for it, as the S.O. had a recent payday.

Bad news: it wobbled out of the parking lot and until about 60km/h, traveled for about 100 metres, then when I braked to turn right onto a quiet little side road and get it home, it pulled across the fast lane and slammed into the meridian.

Good news: the trucks following me had good brakes.

Bad news: I don’t have enough (read: any) experience with sidecars to know if it was a bad set-up or my riding that caused the accident.

Good news: fairly minor damage to either the bike or to me.

Bad news: the bike’s not ready to be picked up.

Good news: the shop is repairing it “for Friday”.

Bad news: that’s familiar…

Good news: Um… running out, here…

Bad news: the S.O. is going to be catering away from me for 10 days, starting this weekend, and we need a second mode of transportation.

Good news: I predicted the Ducks would win the Stanley Cup at the beginning of the season.

Bad news: I was stranded in Chemainus.

Good news: Got a ride home from my brother’s wife.

Bad news: woke up my wife, who starts work at midnight.

Good news: home.

Bad news: first day of work tomorrow, and not really ready for it.

Good news: one of our liquor shelves contains (in no particular order) Glenfiddich, Lagavulin, The Glenlivet, Bushmills (original), Bushmills (16 year malt), Highland Park, Aberfeldy (enjoying now), Talisker, Knockando, The MacAllan, Blair Athol, Dalwhinnie, Glenkinchie, and for some reason Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. I think that last is in there because the shelf is high enough for the bottle to fit.

Bad news: we’re out of Oban, and won’t be able to afford to replace it for a while because the bike cost so damn much.

But other than that, doin’ fine!

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