April 13, 2010

All Right, Who Said "MacBeth"?

So I've gotten back into theatre for the first time in a few years. Took a while because I had to find the time and a troupe that wasn't doing a frikkin' musical - I'm confident enough in my acting, but I have a singing voice that frightens crows. DEAD crows.

It's a fluffy little puff piece by Norm Foster called "The Foursome", and makes for a gentle reintroduction to the stage. Except:

Our group shot, taken right after casting, was the last picture ever taken by our photographer;

One of our actors had a teen aged girl run in front of his car after she had an argument at a party - he then watched her get run over by a car coming the other way;

Our director's husband died one day after going to the hospital.

"Do you know what the most important element of comedy is?"
"No, what is th-"

(Rowan Atkinson)


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