January 03, 2008

This Might Hurt A Bit...

...Especially if you're a fan of Woo Medicine.

Our favorite disembodied-voice-projecting-from-the-speakers (Orac, for short) has started up a Medical Science blog, in conjunction with Steven Novella(or it may be the other way around). Their description:

"The philosophy of this blog, at its core, is simple: Safe and effective health care is critical to to everyone’s quality of life; so much so that it is generally considered a basic human right. The best method for determining which interventions and health products are safe and effective is, without question, good science. Therefore it is in everyone’s best interest for health care to be systematically evaluated by the best science available."

Tough to argue with, really. You're welcome to try, of course; but you had best be very, very well prepared before hand!


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