October 11, 2008

School District 10, Now With Enhanced Irony!

Stop me when you've figured out why this is eye-blinkingly stupid:

"Alex Sanchez writes books about gay youth and their struggle to find acceptance, but local school principals were not comfortable allowing him to address their students."

Stop now? Well, that took you less time than superintendent Keith Pierce:

"Some principals felt their schools were just “not ready” for the kind of presentation that Sanchez will give, he said."

Not ready, indeed.


posted by Thursday at 8:08 pm


Anonymous Anonymous said...

as someone who works in that field, i am often reminded of the idiocy that can occur in the name of "protecting" students from something they are supposedly not ready for (there is so much that could be said just about the luncay of that idea in our world.....0
but in issues like this, it's not the "protection" of students that is happening; it is sadly the protection of the ignorant, bigoted views of a segment of the population....

5:34 pm  
Blogger Thursday said...

I simply adore the fact that the man writes about the trials of gay youth.

Hello? Gay youth? Difficulty being accepted? High school? Anybody?

Being stopped from talking to exactly the people you write about is simply laughable.

Thanks for the comment.

9:35 pm  

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