November 22, 2010

Fight the Real Enemy

This day in Whoops!

A New Jersey pastor who banned church staff from using Facebook, claiming it leads to infideity, admitted to having group sex with his wife and another couple.

Seriously, Facebook to hook up with 'old flames'? Why would you bother with that when there are so many other sites that have people on them without whatever baggage you've left behind?

I know the idea of finding lovers from the past, but I do believe in letting the past remain its own country, too. Whoever is back there has changed from when you knew them last: you know, the whole "a man cannot cross the same river twice" thing.

That being said, if you're trying to get out of a relationship, it's certainly one way to find a convenient excuse. The problem is that it's just an excuse, not a cure. The change has to come from you, for your reasons, or it just ain't gonna work.


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