November 17, 2010

On Impoliteness

There are many ways to kill yourself. I'm given to understand that most are horribly painful/nauseating (for reference, see Dorothy Parker's Resume), but at least they're private. Really, if you're going to put yourself out of whatever misery you think you're in, have the decency to wander off into the woods well away from anyone else, would you?

Oh, and could you be good enough to call the police and tell them what you're going to do immediately before you do it? I take my dog walking in the woods around here a lot, and frankly my day would be pretty much shot if I found a human body while exploring. That's how most "dumped" bodies are found, so why not be a good sort and get the professionals to find your miserable corpse first, hey?

I bring this up because there have been two incidents this week of people running at cars on the highway in apparent efforts to kill themselves, and this latest one had a small child watch as he tried killing himself. Sorry, but that's a NO! Bad drunk/drugged/depressed inconsiderate dickweed! There is no reason to put someone through watching someone die violently on the grill of their car.

If you want to kill yourself, fine: that's your choice, and it's a shame you feel that way because it's a long-term solution to what's usually a short-term problem as well as being astoundingly selfish and greedy, but it's ultimately up to you. But for crying out loud, try not to have seven year old girls involved, okay?


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