July 09, 2008

It's The Small Things

Today's conversation with the local auto supply shop:

"Hi, I don't suppose you remember that spark plug I asked you to bring in for the Moto Guzzi?"

"Uh, when was that?"

"Couple of weeks back."

"Lemme just lookya up here... Here we go! Yep got it here."


"In fact, we got four of them."

"I only asked you to bring in one."

"Well, you've got your own shelf here, now."

"Heh. Your faith in my tuning abilities warms my heart."

(Laughs) "So how many would you like?"

"Um. Four."

May I say that you should avoid old Italian bikes if you have a fear of wrenches. They're relatively easy to work on, sure: so long as you continue to work on them. Well, she's worth it.


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