July 15, 2008

That Stuff Will Turn You Blind!

...Or at least into a bad driver.

We've all heard of the U.S. Army considering homosexuality a mental illness; but how about Italy deciding that being gay will reduce your driving skills? That little fit of stupid cost the country $150,000+ dolars, and frankly, it doesn't look bad on them.


On a side note, the gay population where I live is pretty much out and about - any one that's still closeted is there for private reasons rather than public ones - but I was still a bit surprised when I dealt with perhaps a dozen gay customers (most of them couples) within an hour at work yesterday. I don't normally have that many customers in an hour, never mind gay ones.

Was there a memo? A sexuality-specific treasure hunt? An official "Gay Day of Renovation"?

Hey, whatever brings in customers, but if this happens next Monday morning between ten and eleven, I'm going to be a little weirded out.


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