October 19, 2008

Evil + Stupid = ?

The brilliant Billmon on the recapturing of history that the McCain/Palin campaign is attempting:

"With the prospect of a bone-crushing election defeat staring them full in the face, the diehard rump of the conservative movement is already busy fashioning a narrative to explain the dissolution of its world -- the one that Ronald Reagan built and that George W. Bush (with an assist from Wall Street) has thoroughly trashed.

And the emerging story line appears to be, roughly, that ACORN did it.


You have to admit: That's a damned impressive revolutionary track record for an obscure group of community organizers operating on a shoestring budget. I mean, who needs the Red Army when you've got ACORN and the Community Reinvestment Act?"

The tragedy is that McCain is aware of what's happening in his country, and his own contribution to it: "his" followers are blindly terrified of even the thought of anyone who is different t them being in the same country as they are. Anger comes from fear, and violence isn't far from that. There is a reason why the Oklahoma bombings happened during Clinton's campaign: certain people were told, deliberately and repeatedly, that the Clintons were EEEEVIL and destroying America. If you limited yourself to a single information source, you are vulnerable to what that source tells you. For instance, dd you know McCain won the last presidential debate?

Think I'm making this up? Exagerating the fear and disinformation sown into the so-called "Heartland"?

Ask David Neiwert (get your headphones on for this one).


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