October 14, 2008

It's All Over

Just to rub it in a little for the Americans - from declaration to finish, our election took less than sixty days.

Okay, so nothing actually happened as a result, outside of what everyone already knew:

1) Dion is not a leader that moves people;
2) Harper blew it in Quebec with his arts cuts;
3) Cities don't trust the Conservatives;
4) One more minority government;
5)Donna Cadman is showing herself to be an utterly vacant shell who got elected by avoiding exposure and letting her late husband do the work for her;
6) The lowest voter turnout ever (well below 60%) showing a tired/bored group, despite the quite interesting economic turmoil going on just now.

So what's next? A few things:

The Liberals are going to go into yet another leadership campaign, giving the Conservatives yet another weak opposition and de facto majority, at least for their first year.

Harper lost his best chance at a majority - he even held off the election as long as he could to see if the Republicans would be rising in the polls at all down South, hoping to catch a bump from their ads and spin. It didn't work, but you can understand the motivation.

The Conservatives will declare victory - after all, they gained seats - and permission to do whatever they want, because somehow a Minority + Minority = Strong Mandate.

The Liberals will reluctantly agree, because "The people aren't ready for another election" (not until they get their pants on, anyway) and will declare victory because Dion avoided spontaneous combustion.

The Bloc will declare victory because Duceppe set the bar low enough to crawl over: seriously, "a majority of seats in Quebec" going to the Bloc could have been won by a dyspeptic goat.

The NDP will declare victory despite getting less than 20% of the popular vote because they got one seat in Quebec and one, astoundingly, in Alberta.

The Greens are going to declare victory because they could have won a seat somewhere in the country.

And we the electorate are going to wait for these idiots go get back to work.


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