February 06, 2008

To: The CPAC

Re: Your Convention

I’m back here with the real Americans, not wearing a tie for the last time all weekend, with my Wal-Mart shoes and my Eli Lilly bloodstream, and the knowledge that I am what America is all about…

The ghost of Raoul Duke is watching you. Thought you'd want to know.


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February 04, 2008

I Think I Did, I Think I Did...


I've changed what my blogroll looks like now, and only a day later that I said I would, too! But I do believe I have made a small error (quelle surprise!) somewhere in the script: the idea was, after all, to produce a list that would occupy less space, either with scrolling links or with the collapsible boxes in place now.

Thing is, unless they start out collapsed, they're not exactly saving much room, are they?

I've no clue how to fix that, but I do encourage anyone and everyone to give the links a try: you'll want to keep a few for yourself, I'm sure.

Gah - enough for now. Housekeeping continues, and I find myself surrounded by random clippings, snippets, and notes by the 'puter, and supposedly "temporary" links in my browser. Looks like it's time for another "Misc" entry or two. Been far too lax on them anyway.

These shall be cleared out tomorrow!



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February 03, 2008

That's BAD!

Which is short for Blogroll Amnesty Day.

Frankly, I feel a bit guilty for never having figured out how exactly to "blogroll" someone - I hooked up with some of my fellow Canucks in the lower right, there; but I have to admit I don't really think I belong there anymore. I do try to be as fair as the politicos deserve, but I'm also an unabashed leftie. Not exactly as "Non-Partisan" as the title demands...

Anyhow, given that I read a whole lot of blogs NOT on that list (probably far more than I should, unless someone can figure out how to tack another 6 hours on the day), I'd like to be add them on a scrolling-type thingie, or in categories, or something else nice and tidy.

But I've got no clue how.

So hear this: I SHALL figure out how the Sam Hill I can put together a blogroll. Today. Before bedtime, I hope, but given my semi-Luddite nature, that may be asking too much. Still, 'Tis the best in us that strives, even in failure. The great philosopher Ziggy, I think.


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February 01, 2008

A Sudden Compulsion

All of the sudden I really, really want a cheeseburger.

From Germany.

Costing $6.

And, if possible, in a can.

My prayers have been answered!

Best comment so far: "I haz can cheezeburger!"


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