July 16, 2008

God: "Americans? Meh."

By now, you've almost certainly heard about professional basball player Josh Hamilton's story: it's been repeated a few times through the year, plus his amazing performance in the home run derby at this year's All-Star Game has put it on regular rotation in the usual media circuit.

One odd moment was when one of the announcers (Rick Reilly of ESPN, apparently) decided to announce that it was "a bad day to be an atheist" because of Hamilton's success.

This, of course, meant that God decided to have (let?) Hamilton hit a new record for home runs in one round of competition for a little good PR.

On the down side, it also meant that when Justin Morneau won the competition - and, coincidentally, scored the winning run of the 15 inning marathon game itself - God must have turned his back Hamilton.

Either that, or He decided He actually likes Canadians more; and just between you and me, I think I know the answer to that one.


Alas, the idea that Canada is beloved by God does not hold: to wit.


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