July 16, 2008

How's Your Math?


We just got an offer from Master Card, along with three pre-printed cheques. You see, I can use these cheques, but instead of the money coming out of my chequing account, it’ll come off my credit card at the low, low Promotional Annual Interest Rate of 3.99%!1

Writing cheques? How cute! That’s positively old-timey!2

The only down side is that I have to use the cheques by September 30th, so I guess I’d better hurry, eh?3 They do mention a charge of 1% for using the cheques4, but that’s small enough.5

Sounds like quite the deal, in any case. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to invest in some water-powered cars…


1 Doesn’t mean what you think: actually, you only get this rate for one year, not every year, so we can get away with calling it “annual”.
2 But great for people who aren’t used to using a credit card. You know, new fish.
3 Good Boy. Be quick now!
4 Minimum $7.50. Your maximum limit is what, $2,000? Guess it won’t be 1% then.
5 You won’t even notice. Because you’re an idiot. You know that’s $7.50 for each cheque, right?


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